About April Malmsteen Foundation

In 2015, April Malmsteen established her foundation with the mission of creating a harmony and understanding between animals and humans. The AMF Foundation is dedicated to bringing light to some of the most pressing issues of our day.

Via public campaigns, media initiatives, and grant making, AMF Foundation brings attention and needed funding to several key areas - including but not limited to protecting biodiversity and wildland conservation.


                    april malmsteen, FOUNDER OF AMF FOUNDATION

                    april malmsteen, FOUNDER OF AMF FOUNDATION

About April

April Malmsteen is President and CEO of the AMF Foundation. April founded the AMF Foundation in 2015 to aid in the protection and conservation of endangered species and habitats all across the globe.

April has been a humanitarian her entire life, often donating to several charities. However, she had always felt a burning passion to do more, and so she founded the AMF Foundation with the intention of creating a perfect harmony between animals and humans.

April is a savvy entrepreneur, and she has founded many successful businesses, such as Malmsteen Management and Medusa Cosmetics, as well as several others.